Russian Brides: A Full Guide on Marrying Lovely Slavic Girls

Many men are interested to meet Russian brides because they like the idea of a foreign bride who speaks fluent English. However, it is important to understand that you have to be cautious while meeting Russian women online because most of the time, these women will pose as westerners. In order to know whether your date is really a lady who is Russian or not, you will need to know her place of origin. Some of the countries that have large populations of Russian ladies include Russia, Finland, Estonia, Norway, Germany, and Moldova. However, the largest population of Russian ladies resides in the United States, which accounts for approximately 15 million people. There are several reasons why Russian women prefer to date western men, such as high education, high-status position in society, and an easy way to travel, visit, and westernize.

While you may not find any reasons why a lady from Russia would want to meet a man who has come from another country, there is a good chance that she is looking for a serious and lasting relationship. Since you do not know the lady well, you cannot determine if she is simply trying to flirt with you to earn your attention or she is truly looking for a spouse. Before starting to date a woman who is from another part of the world, you should spend enough time getting to know her culture. You need to understand her desires, her dreams, and her preferences. If you are able to understand her completely, then you will be able to meet Russian brides online easily.

The first step in meeting Russian brides online is to register on a popular dating website. This website will enable you to browse through a number of profiles. Once you get a list of suitable matches, you can start communicating with them on a regular basis. You can talk about your hobbies, you can ask questions about their previous marriages and you can even express your views on love and romance. Most websites also feature a forum where you can ask other men about their dating experiences. These forums will provide you with some tips that you can apply when you start to date a woman who is not your mother.


What images do you have in mind when thinking of Russia? They are perhaps the tricolor flag, Putin, and bears walking on the Kremlin walls. But if you go to Russia, you will notice that it is all about beautiful nature and gorgeous women. In our Russian brides review, you will learn all about stunning Russian women, the local dating culture, how to find a Russian bride, and, most importantly, the ways of winning the hearts of Russian brides.

Why do Western Guys Want to Date Russian Women?


When comparing the lives of Russian and Ukrainian women the differences between them are striking, the cultural similarities are profound. Slavic women in both countries have similar traditions regarding marriage, property, divorce law, and family structure. A man’s wife in a traditional Ukrainian household is not considered as ‘traituate’, while the same is not true for Russian women. The difference between the traditions can be seen in how Slavic women and their husbands/fathers treat each other and the manner in which they go about their daily personal lives.

There are indeed lots of astonishingly beautiful women in any country. But in Russia, the girls are wonderfully charming, and no one has ever argued that. Slavic women are some of the most beautiful ones in the world. Why are they so attractive? There are several reasons for that:

Genetics Matter

Historically, Russia has been a home for over 185 nationalities, including Tatars, Ukrainians, Jews, Georgians, Chinese, and even Koreans. That’s because Russia was the core of the USSR, which included 15 republics. People of different nationalities often moved from one republic to another and eventually settled in Russia. Thus, this country is a melting pot from a genetic perspective. Mixed genes enrich each other and therefore result in a gorgeous combination of female facial traits.

Beauty-centered Mentality

A Russian girl usually does make-up before going to the shop a few steps away from her house. These girls want to shine like diamonds 24/7.

Due to this, they are used to doing lots of beauty treatments before and after going somewhere. They love taking care of themselves while considering it an entirely normal routine. There is no space for freaky forms of body positivity in Russia, which makes it a real paradise for many Western men.

Besides, Russian brides don’t feel afraid of being feminine. Over 99% of Russian women have long, luxurious hair, and some girls do plastic surgeries to erase any flaws in their appearance.

On top of that, these women often make decisions considering their appearance under their partners’ influence. For example, if you tell your woman about all the benefits of pumping butt in the gym, she will likely start exercising to make her curves more prominent.

Traditional Family Views

Russia, while being a Slavic country, is patriarchal in general. Russians appreciate traditional family values. Men are breadwinners, while women are treated as mothers and caring wives in the first place. Also, career promotion does not play a significant role in a Russian woman’s life. Russian wives spend lots of time taking care of the children, doing domestic work, and cooking for the entire family (even after a full working day).

As for men, Russian society requires them to be masculine. Russian women expect their partners to overcome life obstacles with determination and persistence. Due to this, Russian brides like ambitious men who move heaven and earth to achieve their goals.


An obsession with manly guys does not mean that Russian girls are abusers. There are many idioms and set expressions in Russian speaking of extreme devotion of Russian wives. For instance, Russians sometimes resemble Decembrist wives.

There is a historically proven case of female loyalty during the Decembrist revolt in 1826. The Decembrists (soldiers who rebelled against Tsar Nicolas I) were exiled to Siberia, a bare inhabitable land. Leaving their significant others was unimaginable for the Decembrist wives, so they followed their husbands.

Therefore, you can be sure your Russian girl will give you all her love and care. She will become not only your wife but also a friend, an advisor, and a lover, all at once.

Most Russian brides won’t date you if you treat the relationship as a short-lived experience. These women only consider long-lasting relationships resulting in marriage.

Hardworking Nature

Most young Russian brides apply for a job while studying at the university. According to the World Bank Data, women comprised 48.6% of Russia’s total labor force in 2019. It is 2.6% percent higher compared to the US. Most Russian women are engaged in the service, commerce, and IT industries, working full time. Also, just like in the US, many girls serve in the army or become police officers.

Russian Women Characteristics

Romantic but Strong

Russian brides can somehow embody incompatible qualities. They are incredibly romantic and excited when you cherish them. These girls value flowers, sweets, gifts, etc. Like beautiful, fragile, and delicate flowers, they flourish next to their men.

But they can turn their hearts into steel when it is necessary. For instance, many Russian women earn money, nurture their children, and provide them with high-quality education alone when divorced.

Often, Russian men don’t provide their ex-wives with child support payments, forcing them to deal with harsh reality on their own. But deep inside, every Russian woman wants to feel weak to let her mighty man deal with life challenges.


According to 2016 data, 54% of the Russian population graduated from university with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. As for women, they comprise a bigger part of university students. In Russia, higher education is incredibly appreciated, while college degrees don’t seem to be popular. Graduating from university is highly prestigious, and parents do their best to let their children enroll in the top universities.

Besides, relatively cheap tuition costs (around $8,000 per year) and a highly developed government scholarship system contribute to high university enrollment rates. As for English, the situation is complicated. English is the compulsory subject in all schools and universities, which, in theory, should result in highly developed English skills. In practice, you will not find many women speaking English fluently. According to recent statistics, only 11% of the Russian population speaks English on an advanced and proficient level.

The matter is that Russians don’t usually speak foreign languages in daily routine. There is no developed environment for practicing English skills.

How to Meet Russian Women?

Go Online

If you dream of dating Russian women, online dating platforms can become the most affordable solution. Many Russian women register on dating websites to search for love abroad. It is your chance to meet a beautiful Russian woman who will be ready to relocate. In addition, Russia is the leader among the countries where people use dating apps and sites most frequently.

Consequently, you can register on a niche or international dating platform, start browsing hot Russian brides and choose the one you want to connect your life with. Besides, it would be much easier to overcome the language barrier online rather than in person. You can learn some Russian vocabulary while your girlfriend can improve her English skills.

What is more, it would be much better to meet Russian brides online before you go to Russia than to pick up girls after arrival.

Take a Flight to Moscow

Americans, Canadians, Australians, the UK, and EU citizens have to obtain a Visa to travel to Russia. Thus, you cannot just pack the bags and take a flight to this country, and some planning is required. When it comes to travel costs, expect to spend around $700 for a two-week vacation. If you meet a girl during your trip, expect to double the budget.

As for cities, you will probably start your journey in Moscow, the Russian Federation’s capital. Other must-have destinations include St Petersburg, Kazan, and Volgograd. You will have the highest chance of meeting hot and, most importantly, single Russian brides who don’t mind dating foreigners in these cities.

Are there Russians in the US?

If you search for Russian brides for marriage, you might not even need to travel to Russia. According to the latest census, over 3 million Russians currently live in the United States. Thus, you can easily meet real Russian brides in your state. Many Russians live in Maryland, New York, South and North Dakota, and Alaska.

Russian Dating Culture and Tips

Russian dating traditions might be old-fashioned, but you need to accept them if you want to win the Russian girl’s heart. Check the tips below:

Chivalry Matters

Russian girls highly appreciate gentlemen, so you can use your charm and courtesy to make the right impression. Open the door in front of your woman, make compliments to her, give her gifts etc. Politeness always works.

Pay the Bill

Russian couples don’t separate the bill (even on the first date). Paying the check is another way of expressing politeness and respect toward your woman. It means taking care of her, so you should not ask for a separate bill in the restaurant.

If you do, your Russian girl might consider it an insult. Also, if you use public transport, it is better to buy a passage ticket for your woman. Doing so will help your woman feel protected and valuable, which is exactly what you need to win her heart.

Be Careful with Flowers

Russians are a bit superstitious. For instance, they believe a black cat crossing the road can bring misfortune. Some superstitions relate to flowers. For example, Russians always buy an odd number of flowers. Even numbers are used when laying floral tributes to the dead. Therefore, giving an even number of flowers to a person is believed to lead to illness. Thus, always count the flowers in the floral shop.

Take your Girl Home

Russian guys usually take their girlfriends home after a date. It is highly recommended, even if your hotel is located in the opposite direction. It also relates to protection. The local women don’t feel safe when going home alone in the late evening or at night. You can also take a taxi for her. But anyway, it is better to take her home personally.

Show Respect to Family

Usually, Russian brides don’t spend a lot of time with their families. But still, they are in very close relations with their parents. If you show disrespect to your woman’s relatives, she might turn cold and distant. Thus, make a reminder of her parents’, grandparents’, and cousins’ birthdays, be polite, and avoid political discussions. Your girl’s parents might be very patriotic and defend Putin’s decisions even if you bring the eye-opening evidence of his policy flaws.

To get along with her parents, be respectful of them, and show loyalty toward your woman. They have to be sure you can take care of her.

Are Russian Brides Legal, or can I Buy a Russian Bride?

You may wonder why so many people on the internet speak of Russian brides for sale. How is it even possible? Actually, buying love is impossible, and you need to apply effort to win a girl’s heart anyway. If you want to have a loving Russian wife, who will be after your personality in the first place, ignore those claims about buying Russian girls. As for the legal aspect, dating Russian brides online (just like women of any country) is entirely lawful unless human trafficking is involved.

Why Single Russian Women Become Mail Order Brides?

Personal Tastes

Many Russian women love the Western world and dream of dating an American guy. Why do they like Americans? Just like you think Russian girls are so lovely, they find American guys handsome. As a result, many local women register on niche Russian women dating websites to search for their soulmate abroad.

After all, dating someone from a different cultural environment opens so many opportunities for both of you. You can travel, discover new customs, learn a new language, taste national dishes, etc.

Russian Guys are out of Competition

The grass is always greener on the other side. It also applies to relationships since many Russian brides believe Americans are healthier, more ambitious, have more financial capabilities, and treat their women more respectfully. Besides, Russian guys are known for having alcohol issues. Vodka-related stereotypes have not appeared for any reason. Indeed, alcohol addiction causes 40% of Russian divorces. The wives eventually give up fighting their husbands’ addiction.

Online Dating is Affordable

Lastly, there are so many women on Russian brides dating platforms because online dating is more affordable than moving to the US. Many girls cannot afford even a plane ticket, let alone a vacation.

Final Thoughts

Are Russian brides real? Is it worth dating Russian women? Yes, many Russian girls really seek international relationships, and marrying them is worth all the effort. They become loving, caring, and extremely devoted wives. Besides, these beautiful feminine women are exceptionally good at housework and parenting due to traditional views on family and children. All in all, if you dream of a lovely, supportive, and loyal wife unspoiled by radical feminism, you should aim at Russian women.