Costa Rican Girl

The Real Costa Rican Women: Who Are They?

Costa Rica has quickly become one of the most popular locations for Western tourists who are planning a wedding. A nation located in Central America, Costa Rica boasts over 20 million people. For a relatively small country, Costa Rica can be surprising popular on the international wedding scene. Colombian and Costa Rican women are coveted by hundreds of thousands of foreign males, and here is why you too should dream of meeting Costa Rican ladies for marriage. Costa Rica offers everything that a bride is looking for: she is a vibrant nation with beautiful beaches and amazing natural scenery; she is also rich in culture and boasts a well-developed educational system.

What You Should Know About Costa Rican Women?

There are many beautiful Costa Rican girls out there that are looking for a life partner. It may not be as easy as finding a boyfriend in Costa Rica, but it certainly isn’t as difficult as searching for a husband here. Costa Rican girls are very good at picking up men, which makes them great choices for a life mate. If you are thinking of marrying a Costa Rican woman, here are some things you should know.

One thing you should know right off the bat is that many Costa Rica brides aren’t native English speakers, so you will need to take a few classes if you are planning to travel to Costa Rica and live with a Costa Rican woman for any length of time. Costa Rican women can be very loving and committed, but you have to be patient and remember that a lot of the time, they are really just girls trying to find themselves. If you fall in love with a Costa Rica woman, your relationship will likely last for quite some time because many Costa Rica women have husbands living in the United States or other countries.

Some men prefer to get married to Spanish speaking Costa Rica women, but this isn’t always the case. Many men from Latin America and other areas of the world don’t like to get married to English speaking women, which is why you may find it easier to find a Costa Rica bride who is native English. Of course, once you start communicating with a Costa Rican wife, you will learn more about how her people view marriage life. Most Costa Rican marriages are arranged marriages, so the man will often move into the family home or stay with his new wife full-time while she goes to school or works part-time. This is common among many families in the Western Hemisphere.

Costa Rican Weddings

The culture of Costa Rica is considered very conservative, which can mean that you won’t find a lot of liberal use of language when you are talking to your Costa Rican bride. This is one of the main reasons that you will likely have a hard time communicating with your Costa Rican bride. If this is an important issue for you, then it would probably be best if you brought along a friend or relative for the wedding. If you do this, you should know that many Costa Rican women feel they need the companionship of someone around during moments of stress.

Unlike many other cultures, Costa Rica weddings do not usually end with a traditional exchange of “viva” vows between the husband and wife. Instead, most couples end their wedding ceremonies with the couple walking arm-in-arm to the place where they were married. This is called a lima (which means walk) in Spanish. Many Costa Rican women still live in this traditional rural area, even though they have easily adopted Western culture.

Costa Rican Woman

In most cases, a wedding in Costa Rica will consist of a simple exchange of “vegas.” The bride and groom then exchange garlands or rings as signs of their devotion to each other. Many Costa Rican women are also accustomed to the exchanging of thirteen reis (thecurrency), which are known as “postas de escritura.” These thirteen marks the beginning of a new relationship, and is usually taken on the eve of the wedding.

Final Thoughts

If you find yourself dating a nice woman with a serious attitude toward marriage in a foreign country like Costa Rica, you may want to seriously consider taking her to a wedding. Just make sure that you don’t take her to the wrong wedding, however. You don’t want to hurt her feelings. If you are a man looking to start a serious relationship with a Costa Rican woman, the chances are good that you already have a very good idea about what a perfect wife and husband makes her happy.